Office of Protection Operations

Federal Dynamics Company’s Office of Protective Operations (OPO) is the North American market leader in evaluating and mitigating risk, as well as protecting high value individuals. From conducting Personal Security Vulnerability Assessments and Global Travel Planning, to providing Secure Ground Transportation and Executive Protection, FDC’s Office of Protective Operations has planned and operated over 400 protection details for separate individuals including Hollywood’s most popular acting talent, and the world’s leading recording artists.

FDC carefully screens all of its Executive Protection Operatives to ensure they have their government security clearances, security licenses, use of force certifications, first aid certifications, background checks, and career experience in federal law enforcement protection, or military protection details. FDC only recruits Executive Protection Operatives who have impeccable deportment, social refinement, etiquette training and an ability to blend and be discrete.

FDC’s Office of Protective Operations supports corporations, high risk individuals, or those with global notoriety, when travelling domestically, or to some of the world’s more dangerous environments including: Mexico, Central America, South America, Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

International Expertise Executive Protection Contingency Planning Operation Stations

International Experience


International Expertise

FDC’s Office of Protective Operations offers its clients the most experienced, highly specialized and best trained protection teams in the world comprised of former Command Level Agents who formerly served with the U.S. Secret Service Presidential and Vice Presidential Protective Divisions, U.S. Marshals Service Judicial Protective Division, Scotland Yard Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Branch, Reggimento Corazzieri (Italian Presidential Honor Guard); Royal Canadian Mounted Police Protective Policing Services Unit; and the Canadian Armed Forces High Risk Protection Unit.

FDC’s Office of Protective Operations Executive Protection Operatives have had career experience with government protection agencies protecting Heads of State, and have translated that expertise and knowledge into creating realistic and low profile, yet secure and liveable environments for high net worth individuals, business executives, and those individuals with large fan bases.

All Executive Protection Operatives, regardless of background, must undergo in-house training that includes the following subject matter: Small Detail Choreography; Walking the Line; Large Venue Movement; Small Venue Movement; Route Selection; Secure Ground Transportation; Transportation Security Issues; Formation Drills; Body Protection Drills; Deportment; and Social Etiquette and Protocol.

Past Performance

FDC has conducted more executive protection details than any other company in North America, over 500 in total, and those clients have ranged from film actors, television actors, musicians, comedians and authors, to former politicians, statesmen, business executives, high net worth individuals, and those who are themselves, terrorist targets.

FDC has provided its Executive Protection services not only to individuals but also to financial institutions, investment banks, film studios, record labels, television networks, concert promoters, talent management companies, production companies, and event management companies.

celebrity and executive protection services

Executive Protection Services

Personal Security Vulnerability Assessment Unit

The Personal Security Vulnerability Assessment Unit is comprised of former government protective services officials who have had extensive experience in conducting PSVAs on political and government high value targets including threat assessments, as well as residence, office and travel vulnerabilities and contingencies, and social media planning for family members. The PSVA unit combined, has more PSVA experience than any other company.

Global Travel Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Unit

The Global Travel Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Unit provides thorough research, intelligence, assessment, and recommended strategies, policies, procedures and protocols related to global travel. Based upon FDC’s Forward Operating Stations in the most dangerous countries in the world, FDC foreign operatives relay on HUMINT as well as market experience to assist with planning for unforeseen events such as terrorism, political unrest, infectious diseases, natural disasters, inclement weather and other host country security risks.

FDC will develop a robust overall global travel plan based upon company and management threat levels, and then compliment that plan with individual market risk and vulnerability assessments based upon actual travel plans.

FDC’s Global Travel Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Unit typically works closely with FDC’s Global Travel Office to ensure that the implementation of such logistics as airline/aircraft selection, security ground transport, driving routes, secure accommodation, evac plans, medical support, etc. is planned with the full knowledge of up-to-the-minute intel contained within the travel risk and vulnerability assessment.

Executive Protection Detail

The Executive Protection Detail is the leading provider of personal protection having led over 500 separate protection details in the United States and abroad, guarding protectees ranging from former politicians and chief executives, to Hollywood celebrities and recording artists.

The Executive Protection Detail offers its clients the most experienced, highly specialized and best trained and fully licensed protection teams in the world comprised of former Command Level Agents who formerly served with the U.S. Secret Service Presidential and Vice Presidential Protective Divisions, U.S. Marshals Service Judicial Protective Division, Scotland Yard Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Branch, Reggimento Corazzieri (Italian Presidential Honor Guard); Royal Canadian Mounted Police Protective Policing Services Unit; and the Canadian Armed Forces High Risk Protection Unit.

Protective Surveillance Unit

The Protective Surveillance Unit provides protection to a protectee but within a covert protective bubble. The operatives that perform these duties are well trained and experienced in counter surveillance and are experts at clandestinely blending with indigenous populations with no clear or obvious connect to the protectee or the executive protection detail. The advantage to protective surveillance is that it greatly expands the concentric circles of protection which allows the protective surveillance unit to focus on identifying perimeter threats, while the executive protection detail is focused on short range threats.

Advance Team

The Advance Team specializes in complex and thorough advance work for any country visit which includes: travel logistics; security; secure ground transport; safe houses; travel routes; venue advances; courtesy customs and immigration clearance; advanced check-ins; communications equipment; hospitals and other relevant planning.

The protection of an individual is comprehensive and goes well beyond surrounding the individual with well-armed agents. As part of FDC’s mission to prevent any incident before it occurs, FDC relies on meticulous advance work and personal security vulnerability assessments to identify potential risks to protectees. As the world becomes more reliant upon network systems, no longer can protection rely upon human resources and physical barriers. Security plans must also assess HUMINT and address the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure.

Transportation Section

The Transportation Section offers corporate executives, dignitaries, entertainment celebrities, sports figures and other high-risk individuals, a professional, on-time, and secure ground transportation service anywhere in the world. The Transportation Section uses low-profile luxury vehicles like the Cadillac CT6 and Chevrolet Suburban which are driven by highly trained and experienced Executive Protection Operatives.

Global Travel Office

The Global Travel Office provides Travel Services to high risk individuals who require executive protection when they travel for business or pleasure, both within North America and abroad. As the majority of the OPO’s Executive Protection Operatives are former government protection agents, the OPO has law enforcement contacts and HUMINT in virtually every country, that provide both regional security assessments and in-country security contacts. The OPO manages every aspect of the protectee’s travel from the choice of airport, to secure ground transport, driving routes, secure accommodation and evac plans.

Special Services Unit

The Special Services Unit is only deployed to high risk, or heightened security residential sites. The Unit provides canine sweeps, foot patrols and gate house security at a protectee’s residence to ensure the safety of the protectee, their family and their assets. In addition, the Unit provides Concierge Protection Services that include: in-home care of family pets; collecting mail and holding it at the Joint CommCenter; controlling interior lighting; watering plants; house sitting; complete sweeps of the interior and exterior premises; monitoring temperature levels; escorting children to and from school; and canine patrols of residential grounds.

Contingency Planning

Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Unit

As many as 25,000 reported kidnappings occur each year in over 40 countries, mainly in Latin America, Russia and Asia, with an average ransom payment of $5M. The KR&E Unit provides immediate response to any KR&E event. The KR&E Unit’s relationship with North American and foreign hostage negotiation teams, allows it to take immediate action in all foreign countries by investigating the incident, establishing a liaison with the kidnappers, and maintaining open lines of communication between both the company and, through the company, the family.

Extraction Unit

The Extraction Group is only utilized in the event of a kidnapping whereby a team of extraction operatives are charged with the mission of immediately removing the kidnap victim and relocating them out of the hostile environment and to a secure safe house.

Medical Evac Group

The Medical Evac Unit provides the highest quality medical transport anytime and anywhere in the world. From medical advice provided by John Hopkins specialists, and identifying the world's best physicians, to medical evacs to a medical facility of choice, and best-in-class air service providers, the Medical Evac Unit provides unparalleled worldwide medical service.

Background Investigations Unit

The Intelligence Office provides in depth, deep-dive intelligence gathering on both individuals and organizations. Whether the party is a potential company employee, residential staffer, or board member, or a business partner, investor, or service provider, FDC’s intelligence operatives can provide a full dossier on the investigated party including criminal records checks, credit reports, background investigations, network of personal relationships, as well as a full understanding of: country allegiance; foreign influence; foreign preference; sexual behaviour; personal conduct; financial considerations; alcohol consumption; drug involvement; emotional; mental and personality disorders; criminal conduct; security violations; outside activities; and misuse of information technology systems.

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures Group

The Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures Group provides TSCM surveys to detect electronic eavesdropping devices, security hazards, or security weaknesses. The surveys, which are conducted both domestically and internationally, include a systematic physical and electronic examination of the entire premises conducted by former U.S. Intelligence Community Officers using the most advanced government-grade TSCM equipment.

Advanced Security Systems Group

The Advanced Security Systems Group is partnered with a highly innovative, technologically-advanced and fully-integrated security systems provider that specializes in the design, installation, monitoring and maintenance of highly customized, feature-rich residential security systems that integrate physical security devices, electronic technology, and information (IT) systems.

Advanced Personal Tagging, Tracking & Locating Systems Group

The Advanced Personal Tagging, Tracking & Locating Systems Group is partnered with one of the world’s largest U.S. Defense Contractors, to resell their Tagging, Tracking & Locating (TTL) devices, for intelligence, military, law enforcement and corporate applications. R&D has spent the last 2 decades designing, developing and manufacturing reliable, accurate, feature-rich, Globalstar or Iridium satellite TTL systems that are used by both the military, diplomatic core, and law enforcement for personnel tracking surveillance and can be a major asset in any kidnapping situation.

Armored Protection Group

The Armored Protection Group is partnered with a U.S. Defense Contractor that designs and manufactures transparent and opaque armor, armored vehicles, and vehicle modular armor kits for military, law enforcement and civilian use. The Armored Protection Group is world renowned for its one-way return fire bullet resistant ballistic glass.

Protective Intelligence and Assessment Unit

With the increasing impact of social media on our culture today, the ability to communicate dissatisfaction, or express threatening intent towards corporations and executives has increased dramatically. For corporations and their executives, threatening behaviour, whether direct or implied, needs to be taken seriously and investigated properly to uncover the real intent. FDC’s Protective Intelligence and Assessment Unit investigators, many of whom have spent their careers at with the U.S. Secret Services investigating and immediately responding to thousands of threats against the President, the First Family, the Vice President, or visiting Heads of State, identify the threat; assess the severity of threat; investigate the origin and possible background of the threat; ensure internal executive protection or corporate security countermeasures are in place to safeguard against the threat; determine the appropriate threat response; execute the threat response within legal frameworks; and fully document the threat and response and update any executive protection or corporate security plans.

Protective Training Group

The Protective Training Group utilizes in-house former government trainers from the U.S. Secret Service’s James J. Rowley Training Center and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Protective Policing Service VIP training program, FDC provides a variety of training programs from subject specific sessions and annual recertification programs, to multi-day curriculums and group seminars using a combination of classroom lectures, role playing scenarios, one-on-one instruction and in-the-field training. Most important however, is that FDC’s training programs have been reengineered from government head-of-state type protection training, to reflect realistic and true-to-life everyday scenarios for corporate executives, celebrities and high risk individuals. Training programs include the following:

  • Executive Protection Training
  • Advanced Vehicle Driver Protective Training
  • Travel Protection Training
  • Workplace Violence Training
  • Emergency Preparedness Training
  • X-Ray and Magnetometer Operator Training
  • Use of Force Training
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training
  • CPR/First Aid/AED Training
  • IFPO Security Management Training

Forward Operating Stations

FDC has strategically located its Forward Operating Stationd in cities that are amongst the most dangerous in the world, and where kidnappings are a common occurrence, as follows:

North America

United States - Detroit, Michigan

Central America

Guatemala – Guatemala City
Mexico – Mexico City

South America

Brazil – Rio de Janeiro
Columbia – Bogota
Venezuela – Caracas

Northern Europe

Great Britain – London

Eastern Europe

Russia – Moscow
Ukraine – Kiev

North Africa

Egypt – Cairo

South Africa

South Africa – Cape Town

Eastern Africa

Kenya - Nairobi

Western Africa

Nigeria – Port Harcourt

Western Asia

Iraq – Bagdad
Lebanon – Beirut

Southern Asia

Bangladesh – Dhaka
India – Delhi
Nepal – Kathmandu
Pakistan – Karachi

South Eastern Asia

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
Philippines – Manila
Thailand - Bangkok







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